Demonic laughter your cremation, 
Your lungs gasp for air, 
But are filled with blood,
A sudden crack, as I crush your skull

A reminder of your life flashes by, 
A life that soon won't be, 
Smiling with the axe in my hand, 
Evil's rotten hand you'll see,

I come forward, Deathcrush

I'll send you to your maker, 
I'll send you to your death, 
Death nicely crucified,
Death heads on stakes

The Barbecue has just begun

Deathcrush, deathcrush

Crush, crush, Deathcrush


Bleed down to the fucking core 
You're going down for fucking more 
Screw your slimy guts 
Driving me fucking nuts!

Chainsaw in my bleeding hands 
As I start to cut you in two 
Your guts are steaming out 
And I just love the sight!

Maggots crawling in her cunt 
I just love to lick that shit 
Bury you in a slimy grave
You will rot forever there!


Come hear the moon is calling
The witching hour draws near
Come hear the bell is tolling
Mortals run in fear
Prepare the altar now and hear the virgin cry
Hold fast the sacrifice
For now it's the time to die
All hell breaks loose
Hell's breaking loose
Unveil the pentagram
And feel the demons lust
Come watch the holy men
Who look on in disgust
And feel the heat of Satan's breath
Look in the sky's and see
The warriors of death
All hell breaks loose
Hell's breaking loose
Witching hour
Our work is now complete
The blood runs fast and free
And Satan takes his bride
And cry's of blasphemy
All hell rejoices at the child
That she will bear
And Satan's only son
Shall be the worlds despair
All hell breaks loose
Hell's breaking loose
Witching hour


Your stinkinbg corpse I desire 
nothing can take me higher 
Fucking you till your bones break 
Another one has to die

Cum dripping from my dick 
Fucking you to the core 
Can't take this anymore 
My brain is driving me insane


Eating the flesh of a thousand corpses 
Bloodsucking cuntless nuns 
her guts were boiling out of her butt 
Eating her slimey cunt as I hold her tits

Come posercorpse and die again!



 5 - WEIRD MANHEIM (instrumental )



Violent torture
Death has arrived
Terror and fright
Bleeding corpses
Rotting decay

Violent torture
Son of satan
Pure Fucking Armageddon

Pure Fucking Armageddon!!