Christendom.....Religion of pity.....God of the sick
We have discovered our way.....We know the road
We have found the way out of millenia of labyrinth
Beyond the north.....Beyond the ice.....Beyond death
There was a thunderstorm in our air
The nature which we are grew dark
All that proceeds from weakness we loathe
We declare not peace but WAR
We shall be unleashed now
From darkness we create light
Beware decaying humans
For we shall destroy
We are the way of millenniums to come



In the century where man dies
We the hunters of the hollow hills
Must put ourselves above pity
Above self deception as law
We must be again as once were
We the soul of the earth
As reaping time descends
The sour grain of mercy withers
Into the night we must go, into the darkest abyss
To a level of conciousness unknown to christendom
We want life, we crush the dream of heaven
As we bring the blade down, one swift move
We are the chosen ones, chosen by will to life
You lifeliars crawl on your bended knees
As you finally die, you will eventually have lost more
By not living by the sword than what you lose in death
Not by mercy, by strength we end your pity lives
Not by spirit, by flesh we awaken the beast within
Knee deep in your repulsive blood we march
Victorious by the power of our minds and bodies
Watch the twilight of your god
As your system cracks and all your life is DEAD priest
Take a look into our minds
Feel the pulse of omnipotent strength
Take a look into our souls
Feel your life drained of everything that was
Hear my words, feel my wrath
Your death is sweet
All your life is dead priest



The death throes of your final benediction echoes
Down the spiral of the world's spine
Down upon our great army behind the burning lake
The fiery last days of your reign on earth
Your falseness is your pity pride
Your cowardness is your whole life
My blood is the way of your future
My army of pureness will crush your idols
Age of empire, total war
Paradise lies in the shadow of my sword
Have I been understood?


4-5  VIEW FROM NIHIL (part 1 & 2 )

For everything around me which I experience is cold and dead
The blood of others are of a colder substance and taste
Therefore I must spill and serve
The blood that in me runs vibrant
In the frost of the dying minds
Of western society I recreate
It will be the resurrection
Of the brotherhood of holy death
In the year of the holy roman empire
Of night times to come and last
The day of which I shall
Lay my sword upon your throats
Upon the mighty warriors
Of the land of northern regions
Upon the shores of our desolate coast within the waves
I can see the wreckage floating ashore of the dying culture
And so I greet those who still have eyes to observe and see
And who still have courage to break through into the dying light
You have experienced the river of blood
Which here flowed day by day
Against our sworn enemies
I came not to send peace, but a sword
and...have made WAR




Developement came like a sudden death in the family
No one could foresee the coming of...
In the multilayers of paralyzed christened lies
But when the earth exploded
And bodies burned to ashes
The leaders of men died first
And common people changed
Into beasts of genocide
I penetrated the mind of god
Why are there essents rather than nothing?
Enter now my palace of sacrificial guilt
On the axis of the killing fields of judas
Into the void of juxtapositioned emptiness
My kingdom are for the few
As in beauty are for the few
I know the future...the past has evaporated
Exhibit the beast of pale complexion
The war of a millenia has passed away
Colder is the sun that fades in the distant
Brighter the bloodsword running red
Inside your mind there is a battleship
The sunguns penetrate your being
As if your whole life is being erased
By intoxication of some strangers eye
For I am the way
Your painful exclusion
From past morals
Your future's contractual designer



You have now entered from the womb
In my reconstruction from deconstruction
Where instruments of genetic distortion is me
Abandon your pious ways
Between sacrifice and worms
It will
Take you lifetimes of dying to live again
In my state of warre
And you think that death is finally home
Morphing in cell structures
The future is still hidden
Time bends like mirror light
I am in your mind
You are part of me
As me in you, you in me


Do you hear with eyes
The universe is crunching
After the warre...silence
Not in the black hole of stretched time
You once had blood in your veins
The blood so black it hurts
Rememberance is torn away
I offer cosmos in my design
Kromosome needles in your arms
The suffering of a thousand voices
My science hurts
Values arises from pain
Birth is pain
Kaoscontrustions not my game
No fairytales from dustdead books
Birth is pain
All the stars in the north died
We move towards a new constellation



In a cricle of stars
In the afterglow of the last warre
Do you hear the voice
Nothing but demonashes remained
You lost everything you believed
But me the reconstructionist...the voice
All paranoia of rotting drugs
What could be Satan himself
One star left in the rolling ocean
You scream in birth all of you
A river left a river of blood
Of life...anew
All paranoia of rotting drugs
What could be Satan himself
I feel the light breeze
The sun takes control
And nothing here remains
But you...but me
I remember the future
A new beginning of time